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How to be a Front-end dev in 2022?

To become a front-end dev, first you need to learn HTML,CSS,JS.
Before learning to code in HTML,CSS,JS. Know there roles in web development or in web page.
1.What to learn in HTML?
1.HTML semantic layouts, some of the basic tags like ,

, , etc....
2.difference between block level and inline tags or elements.

  1. div and span elements to structure the document.

2.What to learn in CSS?
1.How to Use CSS in web development (inline, internal, external) styling
2.Then learn the CSS box model (this is a must learn for everyone)

  1. Then the selectors (class, id, universal, etc...)
  2. Learn the combinators(+, ~,>, ).
  3. learn about display property (block, inline, inline-block) 6.Positon property (absolute, relative, fixed, sticky)
  4. Flex and grid
  5. build a website using HTML and CSS without JS.

3.What to learn in JS?

  1. JS basics (data types, variables, functions, for, while, do-while loop, arrays, objects etc...)
  2. after learning the above concepts. start practicing it at, only for beginners, who just started to learning to code.
  3. DOM concepts, if u are using a framework (its not a must)
  4. now go through the concepts like hoisting, closure and all the concepts.

Bonus tips,

  1. u should learn HTML and css, as you work on the real-world projects
  2. In JS, practice try to practice array and object structure most often
  3. in arrays must know methods are filter, map, reduce, push, pop, shift, unshift, slice, findIndex, indexOf and etc..

At last pick one framework or library of JS. (Angular, vue, React ).

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