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15 signs of a great manager

  • If one talented team member is always late, a good manager will give her a warning, but a great manager will go to her desk and ask why?

  • A great manager makes each person comfortable with who they are. A great manager doesn't try to fix everyone's weakness but instead help everyone cultivate their strength.

  • A great manager knows if she treats her people right, her people will treat the customers right.

  1. A great manager doesn't make a lot of promises; instead makes a few promises and keeps them.
  • You cannot be insecure and a great manager at the same time. A manager's insecurity will make her compete with her own people. She will play silly power games to show who is the "boss."

  • A great manager prefers talented, productive, and harder-to-manage people than easy-to-manage but half-productive team members.

  • Four things a manager should do: select a talented person, set expectations (right outcome), give the right tools, and create the environment for the person to grow and shine.

  • A company should not force every manager to manage her people in exactly the same way.

  • To a great manager, talent is more important than years of experience.

  • As a manager, you might think you have more control. But in reality, you don't. You have less power than the people who report to you.

  • Not everyone is meant to be a manager. Sometimes, a great performer becomes a manager, and they might mess up things.

  • A great manager creates heroes in every role.

  • A great manager holds up the mirror. Gives constant feedback. Never hides their true feeling. Talk about the future and give directions.

  • A great manager creates a safety net. She allows her people to try new initiatives and new roles. She will enable them to continue in that role if they perform well.

  • A great manager levels up the playing field.

Every new manager should read this book: First, Break all the Rules by Marcus and Curt

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