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How to Ask For Help

Welcome back my friends to blog #6 for the #2Articles1Week Challenge! Today's topic is a special one for the folks in the #100Devs community.

We are going to learn, in under 3 minutes, how to ask for help when google and stack overflow do not have the answer.

Without further ado, let's begin!


Since starting the journey to become a Software Engineer, we will at some point in the trough of sorrow start to ask questions. It's major key to ask well, thought out questions to save you and your fellow friends time.

Overall, helping them helps with great questions helps you at the end of the day!

How to Get Help

Understand Your Problem and What You Need

  • Without rush, read through your code once more to fully understand what you need help with.

  • Try a quick google search.

  • Don't skip the two steps above. Developers get paid to google and solve problems.

Explain your Process

  • Sharing how you approached the problem displays your attempt to solve it.

  • Those helping will know to attack the issue from a different way.

Share your Code

  • Screenshots of the issue you are working on assists others to see your point of view.

  • Post your code using CodePen, Glitch, Replit, or your personal preference.

Provide Updates

  • If you managed to solve the issue, inform others, so they can continue helping other folks.

  • Share your code and approach on how you were able to come up with the solution.


  • Thank them for their time! Because they are helping out of the goodness of their heart, do appreciate the effort they are putting in to help you.


Well, as I promised, short, sweet, and simple!

I hope you found value in learning how to ask for help in as little as 3 minutes! Do share if you know someone who can utilize these tips.

~ Cheers

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