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HydePHP Version v1.4 Released


HydePHP v1.4 is now available for download!

This new update brings a Live Edit feature and a bunch of other developer experience enhancements.

Live Edit

The live edit feature allows you to quickly edit Markdown-based pages (posts, docs, and pages) directly in the browser.

To enter the live editor, simply double-click on the article you want to edit, and it will be replaced with a text editor. When you're done, click the save button to save the changes to the page's source file.

Realtime Compiler Console Output Facelift

The compiler console output has been redesigned to be more useful and pleasant to look at.

Compiler Console Output

Other Enhancements and Fixes

Here are just some of the other enhancements and fixes in this release, for the full list of changes, see the release notes.

  • Added a new hyde serve --open option to automatically open the site in the browser in #1483
  • Added a config option to customize automatic sidebar navigation group names in #1481
  • Added support for dot notation in the Yaml configuration files in #1478

  • The docs.sidebar.footer config option now accepts a Markdown string to replace the default footer in #1477

  • Add support for both route keys and identifiers for specifying sidebar order in #1432

  • Updated sitemap generator to use relative links instead of localhost when missing site URL in #1479

Upgrade Guide

To upgrade to this version, simply run the following command:

composer require hyde/framework:^1.4
composer require hyde/realtime-compiler:^3.2
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You may first want to read the upgrade guide documentation.


We hope you enjoy this release, and please report any issues you find at GitHub,, and share your thoughts on Twitter/X, just use the hashtag #HydePHP, and tag us at @HydeFramework.

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