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How do you design your web app ?

i am regularly try to practice and sharpen my skills by building projects. but my webdesign is not that good compared to templates on the internet. i don't have any graphic designer teammate. in this situation what would you do ? or how do you generally design your website ?

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I am not an expert (not even a pd person) but here are some basic ideas you can consider and evaluate and make progress:

1 - when ot comes to designing think minimalistic. Think what your users need and how they can get it done in least possible clicks and scrolls/pages menus etc

2 - start with something very simple and small. Create mvp prototype. Complete full lifecycle of code test build release and deploy (automate). Then start adding mpre features and enhancements one after the other

3 - focus more on what ur user needs getting done rather than how to impress them with ur design

4 - let ur design evolve. Let ur ask for more then u add. Keep simplistic.

4- choose colors carefully. E.g simply start with black n white and then later add colors

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Dribbble or Pinterest are my go to sites for inspiration.

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Bebe Zi

I’m deffs in the same boat as you. I am just not very design savvy (of course, that’s why I’m Im into dev not deign).