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Github Pro and Repit Hacker for FREE

Yes You Heard right "Github Pro and Repit Hacker for FREE"

Before reading the POST read this :- This Offer is Only for students, If you are not student now , you can stop reading this post now.


In addition to the features available with GitHub Free for user accounts, GitHub Pro includes:

  • GitHub Support via email
  • 3,000 GitHub Actions minutes
  • 2GB GitHub Packages storage
  • Advanced tools and insights in private repositories:
  • - Required pull request reviewers
  • - Multiple pull request reviewers
  • - Auto-linked references
  • - GitHub Pages
  • - Wikis
  • - Protected branches
  • - Code owners
  • - Repository insights graphs: Pulse, contributors, traffic, commits, code frequency, network, and forks


Go To Github EDU site :- here
and follow steps:-

Image description

Image description

Image description

Fill all the Required fields and Wait for sometime, you will get a Email from Github about Approval or Decline
If it was Rejected, you can try to fill it again as many times as you want.

Image description

To Get REPLIT HACKER RANK FOR FREE Just Login it with your github account
Image description
and that's it
Thanks For reading ...

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