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How to use Better Comment Extension in VS Code

In the fast-paced world of coding, effective collaboration and clear communication are paramount. As developers, we spend a significant amount of time reading and writing code. One crucial element in fostering a collaborative coding environment is the use of well-structured and informative comments. Enter "Better Comments," a VSCode extension that transforms the way we annotate our code.

Understanding Better Comments:
Better Comments is a powerful extension designed to enrich your code comments, making them more expressive and actionable. By introducing a set of customizable comment tags, this extension goes beyond the conventional "//" and "/* */" syntax, adding a layer of semantic meaning to your annotations.

Installation and Configuration:
Getting started with Better Comments is a breeze. Simply install the extension from the Visual Studio Code marketplace and customize your comment tags based on your preferences. Whether you want to highlight important tasks, mark critical issues, or emphasize future improvements, Better Comments allows you to tailor your commenting style to suit your workflow.

*How to use its On VS Code *
After Install Extension go to Extension Workplace setting & Click on Setting.json File You will get Better Comments Default code.

then Relaunch VS Code Editor and now you can comments in better way.

Examples :

Image description

the shortcuts for Comments is CTRL + / this is fastest way to comment your code but if you want to highlight & Good looking Comments then you can just add this Sign before comments is Start *'!' , '//' , '' & 'todo' **

But you need to install JSON file to your code editor

Image description

Just click on Setting.json file you will get the code file then you can easily highlight your comments

I Think this is best Comments extension in VS Code. I will Suggest every new developer install this better comment extension is great way to show you comments to Other developer.

The Better Comments extension for Visual Studio Code is a game-changer, making your code not just functional, but also comprehensible and collaborative. Install it today and start experiencing the difference!

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