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codeuiandy profile image codeuiandy 惻2 min read

before I start making it known to you guys my aim for today blog post I would love to share with you guys 2 or more reasons why you should tell a developer about today.

  1. SEO strength: I can remember yesterday when I searched my name on google (codeuiandy) without adding, Boom I was able to see my name and image of me like that's not enough I was able to see my top blog post and top comments on based on my post, OK NOW
    Imagine the impression it will give to recruiters when they are able to see posts about you when they search for you, so if you have that beginner or an expert not on it would be nice to invite that individual here.

  2. The Awsome community: I made my first post here 3 days ago and for the first time in my 3.5 million years of living on earth I actually feel noticed and loved by the community compare to other platforms.

  3. What Gained: thanks to the community I was able to gain self-confidence, online presence and more.

    Why today post

    I have been learning, still learning and working as a frontend engineer, I have always wish of having a youtube channel where I can teach beginners how to code so after days of learning how youtube rank videos, etc so I decided to create my own youtube channel which actually ranks pretty well when you search css position for absolute beginner (currently the only video there now).

    What is the difference between your youtube channel and other channel out there?

    A. the channel will focus on front-end development

B. you won't be seeing one face every day, I have experienced developers as friends and they can't wait to share some knowledge and css tricks with you.

C.we will build websites together not just me building but I will explain every step on the way.

D. we will learn all a web developer use every day such as card dialog box etc.

wow how can we support

I just made a youtube channel with 0 subsribers i need you to subscribe, turn on the notification share channel with friends and anticipate new videos from me

so if you wish to be an instructor on the channel kindly message me.
Youtube channel link Click here

thanks, guys

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Jakob Attkinson • Edited

I belive it would be much more appropriate and successfull that instead of asking people to subscribe to have an approach where you make them want to subscribe. Here's what I mean:

Every day, wherever I go online I see people going "gooo subscribe". Tens of channels, mostly unpopular that eventually are going to die.
Instead, if someone says "I made this new channel where I talk about this things and I dabate this subjects,so you have an interest in this domain or technology stop by, say hi or ask me a question." then I'd be totally hooked up to check it out.
The reader shouldn't feel like he has to subscribe or follow you. If he is legetly interested, he will stop by, say hi and engage with you.

At the end of the day, that's what you want. Engagement. People that care about what you are doing and will stop by to say hi.

Good luck!

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Good stuff! I recently started doing the same thing. Good luck!

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codeuiandy Author

Thats nice message me please

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Daniel Rusnok

I subscribed to your channel, sir. Not because of content but because I want to support your courage. Good luck :)

codeuiandy profile image
codeuiandy Author

šŸ˜® wow thanks alot much love

codeuiandy profile image
codeuiandy Author

Thanks to all those that subscribed already ā¤ļø

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Ankit Beniwal šŸ™‚ • Edited

Love from India. ā¤ļø

All the best and check this out. Do provide me some feedback about the design.