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Automatically Reindexing Your Open edX Courses with Koa Version Using MakeFile


Implement the given steps with the Open edX Koa version to automatically reindex open edx courses using MakeFile.

To reindex the courses using a Makefile, you will need to include code into the file to run the command.

Add Code into your MakeFile to Execute Command

MakeFile uses to build automation tools that help to organize and manage the course content. It helps to reduce the manual effort required to perform tasks, making the course development and deployment process faster and more reliable.

Add the given below code into your MakeFile to execute reindex open edx command.

 If docker inspect --format {{ json.State.Running}}’; then

  docker-compose exec studio bash -c ‘source /edx/app/edxapp/edxapp_env && cd /edx/app/edxapp/edx-platform/ && ./ cms reindex_course --all’;


  echo studio service is not started yet. To start services please run make dev.up;

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For example,


As you can show in the example, implement the given code into your MakeFile to execute reindexing process automatically.

$ make
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Hit enter button to execute the command. It will automatically reindex all the open edx courses in Open edX Koa Version using MetaFile.


Before executing the command it is necessary to check if the studio service is started or not. In case the studio service has not been initiated yet, you can use the ‘make dev.up’ command to start the studio service.

If you try to run the ‘make courses' command without initiating the studio services, you may encounter an error message as shown below:

“studio service is not started yet. To start services please run make dev.up”
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By just implementing lines of code into your MakeFile, it can easily reindex all your open edx courses without any manual intervention. And it's a very easy and reliable way to reindex your courses.

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