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Flutter Quiz App

codesundar profile image SUNDARAVEL Originally published at ・1 min read

Hey Everyone,

I have created a complete quiz app with Flutter (Android & iOS) with Laravel (PHP & MySQL) backend


Flutter Quiz App

App Screens

  • Home Screen
  • Topics wise or category wise
  • Quiz Page / Questions page
  • Text and Image-based Quiz
  • Progress Indicator
  • Results page with Chart
  • Detailed Report for Quiz took
  • Social Sharing for scores

Admin Panel Screen

  • User Authentication / Admin login & Register
  • Manage Questions (CRUD) with Tags
  • Tags wise search
  • Pagination
  • Manage Topics / Categories
  • Settings Page


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kris profile image

Wow, this quiz app builds using flutter looks great. The admin panel with authentication features and the ability to prepare a quiz is simply amazing. The UI looks great and intuitive as well. I think design can be improved a bit. But, overall a great app. Beginners can learn a great deal about flutter development from this app. There are many flutter templates in the market with some of the best design implementation and functionalities which can motivate us to create our own app using the templates or learning from them.

eliashdezr profile image
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Elias Hdez

Since when became a spam link aggregator?

codesundar profile image

This is not a spam link. we have just showcased our product

integerman profile image
Matt Eland

I think part of Elias' point is this: What is the main takeaway you want people to come away from after reading your post?

It's actually a very nicely formatted post in general, but the takeaways are vague enough that it feels more like an advertisement than something offering benefit for folks (not saying that's true) and has a listing system for things like that.

It'd probably be good to go into some technical details next time so people can learn a little bit more from your work and it reads less like an advertisement to come check out a product.

That said, nice and shiny.

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codesundar profile image

Ok, I understood. I won't post like this again.