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Coformatique: Using CodeStream for Real-Time Code Review with Remote Teams


Coformatique uses CodeStream to facilitate more effective and efficient peer code review between remote development team members.

Company Background

Coformatique is a software development company using the latest platforms and technologies to create innovative mobile and web applications for its clients. The company specializes in designing and developing new applications and MVP products. Coformatique has executive leadership and sales personnel in Europe, while the development team is located in Cairo, Egypt.

The Challenge

Peer code review using pull requests is a common method for monitoring and improving code quality. Coformatique, however, realized that using pull requests alone is a cumbersome and inefficient approach to code review because the discussion is limited to only the specific lines of code being committed at that point in time. This limitation is particularly acute when developers and reviewers are in different locations and can’t simply spin their chairs around and discuss issues with the code. Coformatique was seeking a faster and more flexible approach for remote peer review to identify and avoid potential problems as early as possible in the development cycle.

Why Coformatique Likes CodeStream

CodeStream gives reviewers and developers a simple way to highlight and comment on any code visible in the IDE, even lines that have yet to be saved or committed, so you don’t need to be physically in the same room with your colleagues to feel like you’re working closely with them.
CodeStream is fast, delivering comments and messages swiftly between reviewers and developers, dramatically accelerating the rate at which you can discuss and review code together.
CodeStream’s integrations with Slack and Microsoft Teams gives Coformatique’s developers the freedom to use their favorite IDEs to write and review code, while remaining connected through a single shared communications platform.
The ability to display historical pull request comments in the IDE means that Coformatique can leverage past practices in combination with CodeStream’s real-time code review capabilities.
CodeStream feels like it’s part of the IDE. It doesn’t make you stop to think about using yet another development tool when it’s time to review code.

The Bottom Line

“The fact that you can be on the phone with a remote colleague, or sharing your screen, or messaging over Slack - while using CodeStream to highlight and review code is the core benefit we get from CodeStream. CodeStream is powerful because it is simple to use and it does this one thing really well for us. I’d recommend CodeStream as a better way for any software team to review code, but especially to those with remote developers.”

                   - Osama Abdelmoghni, Founder and CEO

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