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Let's Run PHP On Localhost with XAMPP Server

Using xampp is the fastest way to run PHP and MySQL on localhost. It's easy to install and its setup won't be covered in this tutorial. First, just make sure your xampp server is running!

To run PHP with Xampp on localhost you need to do the following:

  • Download and install Xampp server
  • Make sure it is running

How To Run PHP On Localhost (on YouTube)

how to run php on localhost video tutorial

How To Run PHP File on Localhost In Chrome, Firefox or Another Browser (your local PC home address without having to upload files via FTP.)

0:00 How to run PHP File on localhost in Chrome browser on my computer / PC
0:08 Make sure XAmpp server is installed and already running on your PC
0:30 Go to C drive and to C:\xampp\htdocs folder (This is Xampp's localhost root folder)
1:05 Open index.php file you just created in VSCode (Visual Studio Code)
1:54 Open PHP script file in Chrome browser running on localhost

how to run PHP on localhost

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