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The Hidden Secrets of AWS: Unveiling Lesser-Known Features and Hacks


Amazon Web Services (AWS) stands as the colossus of cloud computing, offering a multitude of services and tools to fuel the digital revolution. Beyond the widely-known offerings, AWS holds a vault of lesser-known treasures and hidden tricks that can transform your cloud experience. In this captivating exploration, we’ll venture into the realm of AWS’s best-kept secrets, unraveling the unconventional, and revealing how these features can revolutionise your cloud endeavours.

The Enigmatic Powers of Amazon S3


  • S3 as a Web Host: Experience the magic of Amazon S3 as it transforms into a dynamic, scalable web hosting solution. Explore practical examples of website deployment.
  • Secrets of Object Locking: Discover the world of object locking, unlocking immutable storage, and fortifying data security. Learn how this feature can safeguard critical data.
  • S3 Select: Query at the Speed of Thought: Dive into the lightning-fast world of S3 Select, where complex data retrieval becomes a breeze. Real-world use cases demonstrate its power.

Lambda’s Hidden Potential

AWS Lambda

  • Lambda Layers: The Secret to Code Reusability: Uncover the true potential of Lambda Layers in streamlining your serverless applications. Practical examples showcase code reusability.
  • Step Functions: Mastering State Machines: Delve into AWS Step Functions and learn how to create intricate, stateful workflows effortlessly. Real-world scenarios demonstrate its orchestration power.
  • Lambda Destinations: Effortless Event Routing: Take control of event handling with Lambda Destinations. Discover its capabilities through hands-on demonstrations.

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