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Save AWS IPv4 Charges

The recent introduction of hourly charges for public IPv4 addresses on AWS has thrown many users into a cost-saving frenzy. While the initial panic subsides, a strategic shift towards private subnets emerges as a powerful weapon in the fight against rising costs. This article serves as your guide to migrating your resources to private subnets, unlocking significant savings and optimizing your AWS environment.

Why Private Subnets?

Public IPv4 addresses are like prime real estate in the digital world – expensive and limited. Private subnets, on the other hand, offer a spacious and cost-effective alternative. Resources within a private subnet have private IP addresses, shielded from the public internet by a NAT Gateway. This allows internal communication while minimizing the need for costly public IPs.

Benefits of Migration:

  • Reduced Cost: Slash your public IPv4 usage by relocating resources to private subnets, significantly impacting your AWS bill.
  • Enhanced Security: Private subnets create an additional layer of security, restricting access to resources from the public internet.
  • Improved Scalability: Private subnets allow for easier scaling of your infrastructure without worrying about public IP limitations.

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Migration Roadmap: Check step-by-step guide to migrate on private subnet

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