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Simon Rabuogi
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Are we all going to have tabs for smartphones?

Our smartphones have become part of our lives. We want to have them everywhere we go and use them all the time. Today there are almost all applications you could need to achieve whatever task you wish to have done. From studying, body exercises, communication, entertainment, job and earning a living and any other thing just name it. All these could be done from the comfort of your palms. We all agree our smartphones are at the center of our daily lives.
These gadgets have some factors that have led them to get to this level of importance. Some of these features are portability, internet connectivity, multi-functionality, user-friendliness, etc.
Just to discuss some of the above-listed functions;

  1. Internet connectivity - smartphones have their name for the ability to access the internet. This has highly contributed to its adaptability as a technology. Reason being that users want to be connected for the purpose of sharing internet resources.
  2. Multi-functionality - It is a beautiful thing being able to listen to your favorite music, do your calculations, read your novels, watch the news or favorite shows, make calls and send text messages or emails from the same gadget. Smartphones have done this very well.
  3. User-friendliness - Many people are able to handle smartphones without much assistance and if any, google is there to take care of it all. This is another reason smartphones are still widely acquired and are in use.

Main point of concern

  1. Portability - This is a major factor and it is why we are all at ease moving around comfortably wherever we go. Smartphones are handy enough and could fit in your pockets as you move around. However there is a trend that could affect the portability smartphones. This is all about the smartphones' display. There has been a trend with smartphone displays. From the various tech giants who have dominated the smartphone industry like Samsung, Tecno, Infinix or Iphone, latests release come with an increased display size of the screen. As at now, April 2021 Samsung Galaxy S21 ultra has a display size of 6.8-inches, Note 20 ultra has 6.9-inches almost 7 inches. The bad news is that this trend is likely to continue. And as a developer it is worrying. Back to portability as a mojor feature of smartphones, how is it affected? This sitution has even changed the name from smartphone to phablets. Meaning it is a combination of the former smartphone size and the traditional tab size. Question then becomes, are smartphones going to be as handy as they have before? Or are we headed to the tab size direction? Will, they fit comfortably into our pockets as they have bofere or are we going to ask fashion designers to consider phablets sizes as they design our pants? All these questions are worth thinking of, but time will tell the fate of the users and develpers who concern themselves with developing various interface fearures. Personally, I feel we are going to get to a point where the phablets are going to have a standard size beyond which it won't surpass. This is owing to the fact that for userfriendliness as a key factor, a smartphone should be sizable enogh to allow making calls even without headsets, comfortably fit into the pocket unless users will be forced to have bags for carrying their phablets around. With that, I wish to hear your point of view, regarding the smartphone size and how it is going to affect portability. Thanks for reading. Bye!!

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Ben Sinclair

We all agree our smartphones are at the center of our daily lives.

We do? I mean, sure, a certain demographic does, but all of us? I have a smartphone, and I'm a professional programmer, and I pretty much use it as a fancy alarm clock.

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Simon Rabuogi

๐Ÿ˜ hehe! I like that, been following the trends with the latest design and display has been a major concern for me