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Announcing the CodeSee Emerging Developer Track

As a team largely comprised of self-taught developers and educators, we've noticed a plethora of technical tutorials for beginners at the start of their tech journey and for those well-established in their careers. However, we've also seen significant gaps in the information available for folks looking to get into their first jobs in tech and/or be successful in those first years of that role.

With CodeSee's Emerging Developer Track, we hope to bridge those gaps and empower folks with the resources needed to develop core skills, build confidence, and advance professionally.

What Are Emerging Developers?

We have classified folks preparing to end their studies and start looking for a job, up to folks through their early years in work in tech, as emerging developers. If you are in this "advanced beginner" stage, our resources were created with you in mind.

What Will You Learn?

You can look forward to weekly blog posts and live streams, video tutorials, infographics and visuals, challenges, and opportunities to expand your knowledge with insights from industry guests. Our content will span across platforms and allow you the opportunity to ask questions, seek support, and engage with our team. Each week, we will deep-dive into various key topics, such as:

  • How to Get Unstuck
  • Finding Your First Job in Tech
  • Top Mistakes New Developers Make and How to Avoid Them
  • Understanding Your First Real-World Codebase
  • Getting Started With OSS Projects
  • How To Get the Most Out of Pair Programming
  • Ways to Ace Your First Year as a Developer
  • Best Practices: Code Reviews
  • Introduction to Software Architecture
  • And much more!

We recognize any piece of content is best as a conversation. Whether you're new to tech, a student, or a long-time developer, we hope you'll share with us your experiences, lessons learned, and advice for others. Drop us an email at devrel[ at ] or chat with us in real-time on our streams—we would be delighted to hear from you.

Meet the Team

Staff Introduction
Jess Rose Jessica Rose is a longtime tech educator passionate about access to technical education and meaningful work in tech.
ramon Ramón Huidobro is a web/macOS/mobile software dev and community organizer based in Vienna, Austria. He's spent a lot of his time mentoring, coaching and introducing folks on their development journey, as well as previously ran an after-school coding club to introduce children to programming..
nahrin Nahrin Jalal is a developer, educator, and community organizer based in Toronto, Canada. She is passionate about building inclusive communities, addressing real-world needs with pragmatic software solutions, and creating technical content accessible to all skill levels.

Join Us!

To fully immerse yourself in the CodeSee Emerging Developer Track, be sure to:

  • Stay tuned on Twitter to be informed of new content and all that we have planned
  • Follow us on Twitch to catch our jam-packed weekly streams
  • Subscribe to our YouTube channel to never miss out on innovative video tutorials

We could not be more excited to support you in your tech journey. We hope to see you online! 👋

At CodeSee, we are committed to helping you understand codebases. In just 5 clicks, CodeSee will generate a self-updating visual map of your codebase's dependencies, providing you with a single source of truth for your entire system. For exclusive beta access, sign up to join the waitlist.

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