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Enabling communities to learn with CodeSandbox and IngressiveForGood

CodeSandbox is on a mission to empower web developers and make it easy to build solutions that can change the world.

For this reason, we partnered with Ingressive4Good, a non-profit developer community from Lagos, Nigeria that launched in July 2020 with a bold mission to train 1 million African youths with tech skills.

We had a month-long challenge for members of the Ingressive4Good community to build solutions for a problem statement using CodeSandbox.

Problem Statement

Ingressive4Good noticed a challenge amongst their smaller community organizers - which included tools to help promote their events. Having a local platform where users can create and share personalized event Display pictures (DP) would increase their campaign reach and also give events more visibility.

The goal was to identify the top 3 individuals/teams that will be able to build a solution for this in the specified time period.

The Challenge

Over 290 people applied with 155 active participants for the duration of this challenge and these are the top projects.

It's been an amazing experience for the participating developers and some have gone on to share their experience with the challenge.


Team Eagle

Team Eagle was excited about the opportunity to work together and collaborate on this project, as they explored delegation, helping one another out and feeling like a team.

Team Bracket

Team Bracket shared their enthusiasm about the learning they embarked on as they strived to build a useful product in the time frame specified.

Team iCreate

Team iCreate like the rest of the other teams shared how they embarked on a journey of learning and collaboration and look forward to making their application production ready in the near future.

We are thrilled to have been a part of this challenge and also looking forward to enabling members of the developer community to learn and collaborate as they build amazing products.

Stay up to date with @CodeSandbox and @Ingressive4Good on Twitter.

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Andrew Baisden

What a great challenge!