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Salman Shaikh
Salman Shaikh

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How I became a developer

Hey Whatsapp Folks, I hope you are doing well! I have been thinking for the last few weeks to write a few articles on KaiOS, and now the first article is here, I hope you like this one.

In this article, I'm going to tell you about that Why and How I learned KaiOS.

My Story behind being a KaiOS Developer

My learning journey in KaiOS is quite different, and It started 4 years ago (2018) When I don't even know about HTML at that time Reliance announced its Cheapest Feature Phone in India with 4G connectivity, WIFI, NFC like features, which is powered by KaiOS. when I heard the news about the launch of the 4G Feature phone I was crazy about the Jio phone, 6 or 7 months after the launch I bought one for my mom for her use.

But I became a slave of that feature phone because I was amazed by the features of that KaiOS Device, there were couple apps was given with that default store like JIO TV, Videocall, etc. as I said that I was totally slave of that phone so I'm waiting for softer updates, new apps, features I always wanted new thing in my phone so I started to search new updates on Youtube about Jio phone e.g. ( How to install Whatsapp in Jio phone, how-to-use Gmail in JIO Phone, etc. ) and creators who make FAKE videos on these topics their video got a lot of views.

one day I thought that why I shouldn't start a YouTube Channel and create content on these topics and am also getting a lot of views on that topic ( got 17k subscribers ) coz middle-class people started to buy that device in a huge amount and now KaiOS is on the 2nd number in the list of most used operating system beaten iOS only because of the JIO PHONE the most used device in India after android. and then what I was getting curious about Jio phone's operating system, architecture day by day.

After Researching for 1 Year on JIO PHONE I found that It's based on KaiOS named operating system which is totally made up of HTML, CSS, and Javascript. so I started to learn HTML by copying code from the internet and stealing my elder brother's college project's HTML codes, so finally I found a KaiOS Open Source Development community, then what I Joined that community, where I learned how can I Jailbreak a KaiOS Device for installing my own Apps which I have created for my phone using HTML only.

I always had a dream that time my App should be on JIO STORE and now the dream has been completed my one app is in the JIO Developers Growthpad program and on the way to the Jio store.

So what did I do all this, I was doing all this for my own fun and to learn

And then I continued my journey in the field of CS and WEB Technologies after a 2 of years I lost my KaiOS device and I moved to android,

Today I'm a Developer only because of the cheap 15$ feature phone . Learned a lot and I'm still learning new things in the KaiOS

After Being a KaiOS Developer

  • I got shortlisted for the JIO Developers Growthpad Program

  • In the last month had life's first Interview [ REJECTED ]

  • Got More New Opportunites in the last few weeks

  • Contributing to KaiOS Opensource Community

Thank You for reading this article, stay tuned for the next article, it will be About Kaios, architecture, and development

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