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How you enforce team members to use same node version

Basically I use nvm to maintain different node version on my system. I want to know how can I warn or prevent user to install libraries in project with different node version because it may lead to bugs in production environment.

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Ryan Latta

You can control most of this through the package.json file of your projects. You can fix the versions of the libraries and I believe you can also specify a node version as well.

Pinning library versions at least to minor release is pretty standard. As for locking a node version that is a little less common, but possible.

You can also control this by writing a script that ensures a production version of your software uses all the correct versions, so there is less hope that a person that is too busy does it all correctly by hand.

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Munshi • Edited

You need .nvmrc. You can use node -v > .nvmrc to maintain same node version.

You can see more in here