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Day 10: Anonymous Function

Another day, another level deeper into the machine. Today's session felt like I was falling down a never-ending well of ones and zeroes. Started with the fundamental building blocks - binary code, the raw language the damn machines speak. Makes you wonder if they ever dream in those long strings of zeroes and ones.

Then came Assembly, a step up from the gutter, using those fancy "mnemonics" to make things a little less cryptic. Still feels like wrestling a goddamn mainframe with my bare hands.

High-level languages? Now that's where things get interesting. C++, Python, Java - all these fancy names for layers of abstraction, hiding the real dirt from the programmer. Like wearing sunglasses indoors, keeps the world blurry but at least it's not blinding. Trade-off, I suppose. Makes you wonder what the real cost is for that convenience.

Compilers and Interpreters. Feels like a power struggle between two sides of the same coin. One builds the whole damn thing beforehand, the other one takes it line by line, on the fly. Fast and loose versus slow and steady. Gotta pick your poison, I guess.

Static vs Dynamic typing. Another layer of control, another layer of illusion. Statics give you a false sense of security, like a locked door in a bad neighborhood. Dynamics are the wild west, anything goes, but one wrong move and your whole program goes tits up.

Then there's mutability and immutability. Data, ever-changing, or set in stone? Feels like a philosophical question more than a programming one. Maybe it all depends on what you're trying to build. Building a house? Needs flexibility. Building a goddamn time machine? Maybe some immutability wouldn't hurt.

Functional vs Object-oriented. Two different ways to see the world. Functions like building blocks, objects like... well, objects. One emphasizes the "what", the other the "how". Guess it depends on how you like to think.

First-class functions. Now that's a concept I can get behind. Treating functions like real citizens, passing them around like gold coins. Makes code cleaner, more elegant. Like a well-oiled machine, everything working in harmony.

Anonymous functions. The ultimate disguise. No name, no face, just pure functionality. Like a ghost in the machine, haunting the code with its invisible power.

Finished the day with a quick dive into constructors. Building objects, giving them life (well, a digital kind of life). Feels like playing god in a way, shaping these little entities with code.

Head spinning, eyes burning. Another day spent learning the language of the machines. One day closer to cracking this damn system. But the deeper I go, the more I wonder... who am I really building all this for? Them, or me?

Just a thought. Maybe for another day.

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