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Why I love to use Neovim as my default text editor😍🤩🥰 & Why you should use it


Hey there, What's up??? Did you heard of NeoVim? If not, then I have a post written about NeoVim. Read it.
This video is about Why I love NeoVim and Why you should use NeoVim.

How I got In-touch with NeoVim

NeoVim was a text editor and You know, I didn't even know about that. One time, I was looking for creating a Todo app to.. Just for fun, I will not even use it in my real life. I am a crazy lazy thing, don't even think about hardworking. - i always download source code.

Then a video of DevAsLife stuck my head. At first, I thought - Yeah, He is using VS Code. Then In the description, I went for source code and There I found he was using NeoVim. I suddenly installed it in my Linux & Windows so I can code like him. - YOU know, Some part of me is still a child.

Why I love to use NeoVim as my default text editor?!?

I love NeoVim due to the only one reason before - IT IS THAT IT LOOKED LIKE A HACKING EDITOR. (still it is one of the reason, hehehe). It is a very compatible and easy use text editor. I think everyone should leave VS Code and use NeoVim but some might find It difficult.

Most of the time, I use it because it looks more customizable and more comfortable to me. It was a very tough beginning but, Yeah - It adjusted to me. It is like using 1000% of your brain when you are customizing it. When I first tried to customize, i really thought like - This give my brain a freeze and it sucks. If I ever use it, then I will die due to using 1000% of my brain.

So you know what people do at this moment.. -

I quitted NeoVim!!!

Yeah, Eventually I just forgot about it and just moved on with VS Code. But there is a twist (There is always a twist), I was watching the channel devaslife, His video made me fall in love with NeoVim again. I tried a hundred thousand methods and..

I really was like that. It was a video of NeuralNine. I've already made a post about it. You can read that If you are interested in NeoVim and need to customize it (You will eventually customize it because it has no autosuggestion and it looks bad at first).

I always used it. Every time - means everytime. I sometimes write text in it for fun. I created more websites for fun. It was like I was a Neovim-Psychopathic-Mental-Disease-Disorder-NoBrain.

If you were spectating me, then you will have brain**** because I was very fond with it. I watched many videos for customization(Even now) so that It will look more good and I will try to code automatically.

Why You should use it?

Main reason its flexibility and usability. You can customize as you wish. You can run wherever you want. It is based on VIM a.k.a Vi. It is available in Windows, Mac OS & Linux.
WAIT A Minute - It is known that VS Code is more likely used and an easy interface & there is more followers for
VS Code.


You should try the NeoVim. You should learn how to customize it. You want to learn a new language to customize. There is a lot of jobs.

Every beginning is difficult, but it gets easier from there on.
_ - Erki Nool_

Like Erki Nool said - It is a hard beginning but when you get used to It, You will not leave it till your dead.

Also Lads, I've got my hands on Ubuntu 22.04. I am going to post a review about it and there will be review video coming on Youtube. I have a very very tiny little small smaller smallest channel - The video will be uploaded there. Channel Name - Mr. Coder GGN.

Stay Tuned for more videos and posts
Signing Off,

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