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How about a #100DaysStartup Challenge?

coderkk1992 profile image Kalith Kumasaru 💻 ・2 min read

I have met a lot of tech entrepreneurs who are very skeptical of their products. Most of the awesome ideas get killed in the process by either delaying the release in the pursuit of improving the product or not executing at all.

Speed is the moat:

After running my own digital agency for 5-years, the biggest lesson I have learned is speed is the most critical thing for any early-stage startup. If you can’t scope down your product to something simple that can be released within 3 months, most likely it might never happen. Many get caught up with this endless loop of adding features and trying to make things perfect. but what you need to understand is, things may never be perfect. you just need to build something and put it out there fast.

You don’t need 100K:

Don’t get disheartened by the fact that your friend says you need a lot of capital to start your own product for marketing and etc. it sure does help to have money to spend on ads etc, but it surely not the case for us developers at least. especially at the start.

Let's throw all that insecurities away and start the #100DaysStartup challenge.

The goal is darn simple: Pick a concept, build a product, release it, and earn at least a dollar within 100 days. You only can spend $100.

Pick a concept, Build a product, Release

I’m going to be taking the challenge with you’ all. I’ll be updating the daily status on twitter and also planning on creating an article and a video on my process weekly. They’ll be dead honest and no BS.

For those who are in the #100DaysOfCode club, you can pick this challenge right after you get a hang of the basics. there's nothing like putting the knowledge to some practical use. I’ll be providing the framework in a different article.

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