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Battery Zira (Windows)

Interact with your laptop's battery like never before !

Why use Battery Zira


  • Currently, Windows support only low and critical battery alerts with no full-charge notification support.

  • We all know that current laptop devices have an auto-cut feature on full charge. Moreover, the chemistry of modern batteries even don't allow them to overcharge. Generally, it is not a good practice to completely discharge and then recharge a battery repeatedly, as that affects its charge cycles, reducing its lifetime. In fact, to maintain a healthy battery, it is always an ideal practice to keep the battery within optimum levels.

  • Many laptops' hardware do not support Charging Threshold, which is a new feature suggested this days to improve battery life.


  • Battery Zira comes to rescue by notifying the user in an incredible manner to help maintain the battery within optimum levels with low, critical, maximum and full-charge alerts.

  • Thus, indirectly it also provides Charging Threshold feature for laptops which don't even have this feature. So, no need to worry anymore !

  • Users can also customize various parameters like the notifiable battery levels and snooze interval at their own ease.

  • The software size is incredibly small ! Moreover, there is no dependency. Hence, you need not install any additional package or, software. Generally, it includes scripts written in Batch Script and VBScript which are lightweight and directly executable on Windows platform.

Download & Usage

Full details can be found on GitHub. Enjoy it ! Feedbacks are highly appreciated 😊.

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