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The MANY things you can build with C# and .NET

We talked to a lot of aspiring Software Developers online and in-person, and we come across many variations of the same question:

What should I be learning now?

We have a specific take on that, and we want to cover that today. We think new developers should learn C# and the .NET framework.

Now .NET is developed by Microsoft and is a framework that allows you to create many different types of software. It has a lot of features, and it's very broad, very robust, and very scalable.

The most popular language you use to write on top of the .NET framework is C#.

C# is the best language to learn to break into the tech industry, and the language that sets you up for the future, because of the different types of software you can build on the platform.

That means once you learn this language, you can break-in, and then you can follow your hopes and dreams and passions by building other projects as well.

The video takes a deep dive into the following uses of C# and .NET:

  1. Full Stack Web Development with

  2. Real time communications with Signal R

  3. Mobile Development with Xamarin

  4. Desktop Applications with WPF and UWP

  5. Services & Micro-Services with Azure services

  6. Game Development with Unity, Cryengine, and more

  7. AI and Machine Learning with Azure services

  8. Internet of Things with UWP

No Matter Your Career Goals, C# and .NET have you covered

Not only is the stack with the most entry-level job openings, but it's the technology that can be used to build the software of the future.

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