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Discussion on: Is it time to let go of Bootstrap?

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Vishwa.R Author

Probably not, I've never intended to clickbait.

I tried to answer the question in subject line, with a starter's perspective.

Closing paragraph too, I tried to convey that, Bootstrap is still competent enough in 2021. In the line "Not inflexiblity but the long hours of customization", I meant the same what a user mentioned in the discussions. I kindly suggest you to read the full discussions, ".

Basically the post is formatted as questions and answers. You probably got it in a wrong way I guess.

All the things I mentioned in this post, advocate for the "BOOTSTRAP IS NOT DEAD". The last Bootcamp example, is just for pressing the fact, that Functionality > Design use case.

I am no way perfect, if you find it wrong, I would love your feedback :-)

Thanks for commenting!