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Why I decided to start blogging and why we all should 🙌

Lu-Vuong Le 🎧💻
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Just a short post talking about why I started blogging and why I think we all should as developers 😁

What's the point ❓

There are a lot of reasons why someone would start writing blog posts. Personally, for me, I think a blog carries many benefits as a software developer that I'll talk about below. Moreover, I think it's amazing to share our knowledge with other developers out there and also learn from them 📚

Benefits of writing blog posts ✏️

I would absolutely recommend all developers to start blogging. Some of the benefits I can think of are (if you have more, please feel free to comment):

  • Allowing you to connect and potentially meet incredible developers. We have a great community here so let's all share knowledge with each other and interact 👋

  • Blogging can help boost confidence in both writing ability and your skills as a developer. Trying to explain the knowledge and concepts you know is important as you become a more experienced developer, blogging can help with that

  • Social wise, it acts as another place to build a profile and get your own name out there. You can form valuable connections through blogging and allow employers to see your engagement and passion being a developer. More ways to showcase your knowledge to employers never hurts! 👌

Go for it! ✌️

If anyone is reading this and is afraid of posting in case you think someone has already talked about it or you're scared of what people may think, please take the leap and go for it! 😊

Even if it has already been talked about before, someone will be able to take something out of the stories and knowledge you share.

As for me, I will do my best to share my knowledge with you all so we can all progress as developers! 💪

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Tomas Fernandez

I agree 100%. I wrote recently why I got started writing.