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Christian Heilmann
Christian Heilmann

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MacOS can remove backgrounds from images

Today I learned that MacOS can remove backgrounds from images, much like does.

All you need to do is right-click an image and select Quick Actions > Remove Background.

Remove background option of the finder context menu.

For example, it turned this image

Chris Heilmann holding a cup

into this one:

Same image but with removed background

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jmau111 profile image

Love those tips that leverage built-in features people often miss.

marcosdiasdev profile image
Marcos Dias

I wonder how many other functions like this one are hidden on MacOS. Haha. Thank you!

catherineisonline profile image
Ekaterine Mitagvaria

Seems like they need to imprive their UX, I never noticed this! And thank you!

balastrong profile image
Leonardo Montini

Wait... what? I didn't know, thank you so much for sharing!

I just gave it a try on a picture and the result is really good. That's amazing, thanks again :D