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Create a static website using, Github, stackbit in less than 10 minutes.

codeperfectplus profile image Deepak Raj ・2 min read

Dev, Github are one of the largest and favourite websites for developers to develop awesome tools. Do you know that you can also create your static website using Dev and Github by static site generator?

E.g -

What You need

step by step guide

  1. Create A Dev account and write your 1st post with It.
  2. Go to settings > intergrations > Create New Stackbit Site
  3. Select Your Favourite theme( Fjord recommended for Blogging)
  4. Select Static Site Generator Gatsby. It uses React
  5. connect your GitHub account and Deploy it.

That's All

Advantage of using Dev

  • all of your Dev posts will be published directly to your website.

  • You can also purchase a custom domain name for your website.

  • Dev has community support.

  • It will be created using React.js

  • You can modify your website through CMS panel or Git Repository.

  • If you got stuck And you need help you can contact me in the comment section.

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Discussion (2)

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drakeentity profile image

It's Really amazing, thanks for sharing your article. I create my blog Using dev and Githhub.

ccortezb profile image
Carlos Cortez πŸ‡΅πŸ‡ͺ

i miss the part of editing in CMS panel, where i can find that? in stackbit? in order to edit the gatsby template.