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10 Essential VS Code Shortcuts to Boost Your Productivity

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) offers a plethora of shortcuts to enhance productivity. Here are 10 useful shortcuts:

Command Palette

Ctrl+Shift+P (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Shift+P (Mac): Access all available commands based on your current context.

Quick Open File

Ctrl+P (Windows/Linux), Cmd+P (Mac): Quickly open files.

Toggle Sidebar Visibility

Ctrl+B (Windows/Linux), Cmd+B (Mac): Show or hide the sidebar.

Split Editor

Ctrl+\ (Windows/Linux), CmD+\ (Mac): plit the editor to have multiple files open side by side.

Find in Files

Ctrl+Shift+F (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Shift+F (Mac): Search across all files.

Replace in Files

Ctrl+Shift+H (Windows/Linux), Cmd+Shift+H (Mac): Replace across files.

Close Editor

Ctrl+F4 (Windows/Linux), Cmd+W (Mac): Close the current editor window.

Toggle Comment

Ctrl+/ (Windows/Linux), Cmd+/ (Mac): Comment or uncomment the current line or selection.

Move Line Up/Down

Alt+Up/Down (Windows/Linux), Option+Up/Down (Mac): Move the current line up or down.

Copy Line Up/Down

Shift+Alt+Up/Down (Windows/Linux), Shift+Option+Up/Down (Mac): Shift+Option+Up/Down (Mac):

These shortcuts can help you navigate more efficiently, edit code faster, and manage your workspace more effectively in VS Code. Remember, you can also customize these shortcuts in the keyboard shortcuts settings of VS Code to suit your personal workflow.

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