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What's Your 5-Year Code Vision?

Imagine it's five years from now, and you're at the peak of your coding career. Write a brief vision statement describing your ideal job, the projects you're working on, and the impact you've made on the industry.

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overFlow • Edited

I wanna place myself in space where I can teach others JavaScript and web development and help them transcend into the digital space. I really think there is a place for everyone here and especially the previously disadvantaged and the presently disadvantaged too.

But for the first next two to three years I wanna delve into a professional space and work and see what I can contribute.

I wanna have a good footprint into contributing into open source as well. I think its very important democratic important. Yada I mean!!!!?
Thanks #hacktober23. Even though I still tryna hack my way in.
I really also think its a great learning tool and I wanna see myself playing the digital Moses.
I really Do not see myself going for a "position'!!!
I wanna see myself leading...especially the young and those that wanna transition into technology from their present careers.
I like imparting joy and teaching and its always nice when someone can see their potential. And I wanna be the reason for it.

So in five years the place I wanna be in; Is best described by how many people I would have touched.

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Matt Eland

Very nice! A noble goal and I can tell you teaching is incredibly fulfilling. I'd still be teaching if the organization I was working for hadn't effectively imploded while simultaneous making some pretty severe HR violations causing me to leave. I'd love to teach again if I could find the right place.

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Matt Eland

This is an interesting one. I think 5 years from now I'm a VP of Engineering, Engineering Manager, or perhaps even a CTO. In some worlds I might be a technical founder at a startup.

Right now, I'm re-entering software engineering and data science after teaching for the past 3 years. I know the people side of things interests me more than most of my peers seem to be interested in it, and I keep feeling the desire to help lead organizations forward. I'm still feeling things through and my current focus is breadth and depth of data science skills while using my software engineering skills to their fullest and continuing to invest in people.