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What you learning about this weekend?

Hey my peeps πŸ‘‹

What all are y'all learning about this weekend?

Whether you're sharpening your JS skills, making PRs to your OSS repo of choice πŸ˜‰, sprucing up your portfolio, or writing a new post here on DEV, we'd like to hear about it.

Use it or lose it! 🧠

The top of Terry Crews' head opens up and his brain flies out with rockets. It's a bit from a commercial for Old Spice.

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Toby Parent

Been continuing to play around with this music fake-book app I'm writing, and the victory (small to everyone else, but huge to me!) was creating a web component that is called like

<fakebook-chord chord="Ebmin7" instrument="Standard Mandolin" />
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and dynamically generating the chord chart as an SVG from that. Basically, having predefined chord shapes, tones in an octave, and instrument tunings for a number of options, I can now dynamically generate more than 400 different chords on any of eight different instruments - and dynamically add more as needed.

Little wins!

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woah that sounds really cool!

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Toby Parent

I'm kind of excited about it. I am an amateur musician, goof off on the uke, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer and a few other instruments, and I've got a lot of PDF books of songs, a fake book that is basically the print version of a chordPro file. But I wanted to make something that is more flexible and useful, so this.

The idea is a "local-first web app", an app that can be run entirely offline in the browser. The app and the data are all stored locally, allowing users to store their own collection of songs, as well as to sync to a community database of song files. The beauty of the thing, though, is that it is a collaborative real-time sharing app - if you connect to my ad-hoc network at a jam session, you get the app and access to my collection, real-time.

If someone at the jam connects and gets the app, but they're playing mandolin rather than guitar, they change that in their copy of the app, and the data files dynamically update to support that. If someone at the jam says that the given key for a song is too high and can we transpose it down, I can do that, and the change is synced to everyone in the share.

Users can add songs to a set-list for that jam or gig, as well as upvote or downvote songs within the set-list, helping determine what might get played next or what might be avoided.

Users can add notes or comments to a song, an event, a set-list... it's all dynamic, and users choose what is shared and what isn't. Public notes and private notes, public songs and set-lists...

Big ideas, anyway. All in process. Β―_(ツ)_/Β―

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oh wow you're definitely passionate about this!
idea seems amazing, good
luck with it!

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Ben Halpern


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Keith Solomon

Learning how to make git make sense to a group of juniors who have never been exposed to it. Seems like that should be a part of the course they all graduated from…

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I think GIT is something that needs practicing and should be introduced from html lessons. I dont know why it’s a by the way thing .

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Juan F Gonzalez

After my last post here, I think I'll continue learning some Python.

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Dan Bailey

Doing a Docker/Kubernetes course on Udemy, and doing a bunch of stuff for my college course (Linguistics).

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Amar Gupta