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What you learning about this weekend?

Heyo 👋

What ya learning on this weekend?

Whether you're sharpening your JS skills, making PRs to your OSS repo of choice 😉, sprucing up your portfolio, or writing a new post here on DEV, we'd like to hear about it.

Wishing ya the best on your work... remember to take breaks and enjoy yourself!

Gif of Steven Yeun in an interview saying "Unlearning and Relearning

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Willy Vaessen

I spent most of my Saturday on tweaking the responsive design of my website(s). Happy with the result so far, and eager to get some funny details back in this design, but I wanted it to work nicely without those extras.

overflow profile image

The same thing I was doing last time Pinky ...trying to take over the world lol....the same as last week with Promise sync and await,XMLHttpR, and now there is fetch() and API involved. I don’t know where I started. I don’t know where I am gonna end at. It’s a rabbit hole of all rabbit holes. But .then I feel accomplished jus a chapter i had somehow now has caught up with me ....I’m still trying to refine my understanding though...the slog goes in

troy5890 profile image
Troy Harris

Currently learning how to setup a server in Proxmox, along with setting up a given Cisco X3750 switch from my Network Engineer at work, and what else to continue learning VM/container/server wise for getting certs in those areas of interest.

alexpeain profile image
Alex Peain

I am working on Backend and webserver .
To deploy our Django projects on AWS EC2 with apache 24. Multiple bugs and there are a lot of unfamiliar topics .I couldn't install apache on AWS Linux and mod_wsgi on instance.So I try to build new Ubuntu instance and it can install but the web browser still didn't show anything.
Well it make me all sweat the whole weekend.

stungnet profile image

Studying for the CCNA

renancferro profile image
Renan Ferro

Sorry for the delay 😅. But I've been working on my project that I really like: DevTab News

darkterminal profile image
Imam Ali Mustofa

This is what I re-learning!!!

jesusantguerrero profile image
Jesus Guerrero

Implementing view transition with Astro 3.0 and working in my personal finance app

jramon901225 profile image
Manuel Ramon

I am developing my skills in algorithms making HackerRank excersices :)

mtendekuyokwa19 profile image
Mtende Otis II

Adding dark theme to my projects hahaha

schbenedikt profile image
Benedikt Schächner

Most of the time it sounds so "simple" or insignificant, but it's always a big step for a successful software.
What project are you working on right now?

mtendekuyokwa19 profile image
Mtende Otis II

I'm fixing up my signup-form project. You wanna check it on github??? and even connect if you like. i havent made a pushed the work though

caioragazzi profile image
Caio Ragazzi

Studying some Google Cloud concepts using the qwiklabs platform!
Currently learning about buckets, and also trying to apply it in some .NET test projects!

naolmelesse profile image
Naol Melesse

Solving problems on HackerRank.

stevediaz1 profile image

Hey there! This weekend, I'm diving into a deep learning project I've been excited about for a while. I'm planning to work on implementing a neural network for image recognition using TensorFlow in Python. It's a challenging but rewarding task, and I'm looking forward to honing my skills in machine learning & Golang Certification

Of course, I'll also be taking some well-deserved breaks to recharge and enjoy some time outdoors. Balancing work and relaxation is essential for staying productive and maintaining a healthy mindset.

Thanks for the encouragement, and I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!