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Sloan the DEV Moderator for CodeNewbie

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Talent vs. Effort in Learning Complex Skills?

What's the distinction between innate talent and diligent effort when it comes to mastering complex subjects like programming? What's your perspective on the interplay between talent and hard work in the process of acquiring skills?

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Yeom suyun

I would like to quote a passage from the book GRIT on this topic.

Skill = Talent x Effort
Achievement = Skill x Effort

Since effort is multiplied by two in the achievement equation, the achievement increases exponentially as the effort increases.

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Talent is such a dynamic thing. And talent is something that can get better or fade with time. But hard work is tricks and tips and forceful repeating the knowledge until it becomes habit and or it makes muscle memory its habitat.

Some people have a talent for maths and some don't but that does not mean that we cannot be coders because we do not have mathematics talent. There is a place for everyone.

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Neil B

Effort builds talent. People who are very good with code might be very good with other meticulous professions, like accounting or contract law, but have no talent for it because they have invested little to no effort.

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Luca Leone • Edited

Interesting topic Sloan!
I think we start with some abilities, which we can develop with work and effort. My guess is that we can develop them much much further than we think. Say that from a 1 to 50 coding skill ranking I start off with 10 and John with 25. Today he is more gifted. By stretching myself into the effort zone, and with the right method I'll reach 42 in 2 years. Totally possible. John instead relies heavily on his innate abilities. He doesn't like to put in effort, to him effort equals not-so-smart. He also doesn't like to fail. Instead for me failing is necessary, I almost always learn a lot from it. So he stops improving at 38. I have not always believe that. I have come to believe that by experience.

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Jyoti Ogennavar

Effort >>> Talent. Always. Your talent is useless if you don't put in the hard work to learn and better yourself constantly.