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Sloan's Top 4 Newbie Memes of the Week

Y'all know the drill! At the CodeNewbie Team we decided that we wanted to spice things up and try something new out to involve our newbies in Meme Monday! We landed on a Sloan's Newbie Memes of the Week! You can find last week’s meme picks here.

Here are some of our favorites from this week:

Black and white photo of a person wearing a cloak extends hands to the edge of a cliff in a sort of release motion. Caption reads, "Me, after coding for hours with 0 human interaction just to make an obscure module".

Caption reads: My friend: How do you code? it must be hard...Me: Meme of Walt from Breaking Bad holding a chip and looking at it, with the caption, "actually, it's just basic math".

Twitter post from user @iammemeloper that reads, "Today I made my first money as a programmer. I sold my laptop".

Twitter post from @catalinmpit that reads, "My day as a DEV with an upside-down smiley face: 0. Something is wrong. 1. Investigation phase. 2. No way I can fix this. 3. Imposter Syndrome kicks in. 4. Questions career choice. 5. Questions life choices. 6. Oh never mind! I made a typo in the code. 7. I fixed it. 8. I am a good developer. 9. I can do anything".

How is your week going so far? Drop us your fav memes you have added to your meme folder below!

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