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How have recommended websites like or positively impacted your coding journey?

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Sachin is much different than is used to create beautiful images of your code.

Whereas contains community-curated roadmaps, study plans, paths, and resources for developers. There are role-based roadmaps, listing skills you should know for any given role, as well as skill-based roadmaps listing items to learn for any given skill.

I am impressed with
I could not find or am aware of alternatives to
One that came close to it is project-awesome-roadmaps. It is a curated list of roadmaps, mostly about software development, which gives you a clear route to improve your knowledge or skills.

project-awesome goes beyond roadmaps. It has tons of curated lists of awesome lists.

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Big fan of

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Pandita yes!

I had to give a presentation to students at a non-profit bootcamp that is dedicated to helping women break into the software development world and most of them are scared that they're not really knowledgeable (they are!), so in the presentation I told them to do a gap analysis with the roadmap laid out in front of them. They then see that they DO know and what they need to strengthen.

I use it a lot personally and when I'm mentoring, it really helps me and my mentees see our progress.

It's a good tool/website :3

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William Torrez

I never use, only