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How to Focus on Attention Over Emotions?

How do you apply the principle of focusing on attention over emotions in your coding journey?

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Jean-Michel ( • Edited

Getting over emotions is a terrible strategy in general.
Indeed everyone agrees that it's not great to have your life consumed by emotions. From normal human beings to powerful men doing harmful things because they failed at basic emotional maturity, this is not good.

Oh the other hand.

Emotions are a huge fact of life.
You just cannot decide to "focus on something else".
You don't decide to have emotions
You don't decide to stop having emotions.
They are neither bad or wrong
They just are.

Instead you give them space to exist and then you try to understand them.

Emotions are like a confusing unreliable important compass to understand who you really are and what matters to you.

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William Torrez

What mean attention and emotion?

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