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How Do You Decide on Where to Self-Invest?

Considering personal growth and development, how do individuals determine what aspects of self-investment are suitable for them, and what factors might influence these decisions?

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Andrew Jensen

It's an interesting question. Starting off in dev doesn't have to be costly. It takes time and effort. A degree does not a developer make.

That being said, to get into it effectively, you need to understand that writing a line of code is 1% of the job.

So what makes up the other 99%?

Answering questions like this is how you determine where to self invest.

You need to recognize that regardless of you having a formal education or not, this space requires continuous improvement.

You need to be a life long learner and constantly reevaluate where your knowledge.

That battle starts between your ears! Learn to love learning.

My personal approach to learning is that I will learn about whatever interests me.. within dev or outside of it. Everything you learn gives you a new way of thinking about problems.

I adopt first principle daily and i invest my time in self improvement.

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Dan Bailey

It's a multi-pronged analysis for me to figure out "what's next" -- usually it's a combination of:

  • Is this something I need or want to know?
  • How long will this take?
  • Do I have enough free time to pursue it properly?
  • Which of my three basics (physical/mental/emotional) will learning this satisfy?
  • How does it compare to the other stuff I'm currently working on with regards to the physical/mental/emotional?

This doesn't just apply to technology; it's pretty much everything I undertake. For example, my calendar right now is pretty clear of major commitments until mid-summer. And right now, I'm doing:

-- Learning Docker/Kubernetes (mental)
-- Training for my upcoming cycling season (physical)

If I have to choose between a task like "learn to paint" (emotional) and "learn yet another javascript framework" (mental), I'll probably lean toward the emotional topic, but that's also dependent upon time availability and whether or not the skill is something that I will actively use in the future.

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Max Ong Zong Bao

Just do it and do your research if it is gonna cost you a lot. Take some time to think on paper what is the ideal and worst outcome in making the decision to invest.

Learn to invest by percentage, Sometimes you don't need to invest all your eggs on 1 basket. Instead just have 10% to 20% of your resources on exciting and highly risk endeavor.

Lastly do not be discouraged your broke, it's alright. There are other ways to invest be it through your time or sweat to do it.