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Have you ever doubted if you are in the right field?: CodeNewbie Podcast

Vanessa Vun came on the podcast yesterday to talk about her journey as a self-taught coder, finding a job after a bootcamp, and keeping up motivation towards your passions.

Vanessa Vun started her self-taught coding journey in 2022 after quitting a 10-year career as a clinical laboratory scientist. About 14 months later, she landed a job as a Frontend Engineer at SciShield, which provides a platform of solutions for research laboratories.

On the podcast, Vanessa talked quite a bit about redirecting your focus towards a new job goal, specifically from medicine to coding.

She shared:

“I left myself notes around my computer saying like, ‘Pressure makes diamonds,’ or, ‘Always have a learning mindset. Stay curious, collaborate, and remember the truth.’

... Basically I need[ed] to remember my truth and use that truth to empower me to keep going.”

It's extremely challenging to switch fields and to find a job that fits your needs as a creator.

We want to know:

  • Have you ever doubted if you are in the right field?

  • What helps you better understand these thoughts?

ICYMI— find that episode below or wherever you get your podcasts:

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editsafemode profile image

I love coding, so after switching over to tech the only thing I wonder is whether I've taken the right steps so far to get to the engineering role I want. Other than that, this is my dream. But like Vanessa, I constantly have to remind myself that I can always carve out a new path towards my goal. I don't have to give it all up! I don't think I'll ever stop coding.

sally_13 profile image

Yes, I think my problem is overthinking, and comparing myself to others. Especially when I am stuck on something, or I am just not getting it. Then things get negative and I'm like do I even want to do this anymore?? or Am I even cut out for this?? I use to do something similar and read some motivational quotes or even Disney quotes haha, then after taking a small break, I come back to what I was working on feeling a bit less negative. I think because I know the field I want to be in is so competitive, it gets frustrating and draining at times.

rachelfazio profile image
Rachel Fazio

Super relatable.

shawn2208 profile image

Yes and I’m also a very negative thinker so even when I have a day where I’m on it and the next day my brain just feels so exhausted from the day before so it’s a complete burnout and makes me feel like am I even meant to be in this type of field. And I’ve always wanted a sense of belonging and purpose in life and I would love to be an expert In something lol

jonrandy profile image
Jon Randy 🎖️ • Edited

Not once, as I've enjoyed programming for 40 years since was a curious 7 year old.

I do have daily doubts about whether others are in the right field though... 😉