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"Exploring the Path from Medicine to a Tech Career": CodeNewbie Podcast S26E5

Our 5th episode of the season is out now with Shona Chan! ✨

In this episode, our host, @saronyitbarek , speaks with Shona, Software Engineer at Eolas Medical, about her experience navigating the world of software following a successful career as a doctor and Anesthesiologist.

Shona Chan is a doctor and software engineer, focused on enhancing healthcare through technology. Before Shona discovered coding, she worked in the field of Anaesthesia in the UK. She started learning to code so that she could build an app for her workplace. She couldn't ignore this newfound interest and so enrolled herself in Le Wagon's Web Dev Bootcamp to develop her skills.

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Transitioning from a medical background to a tech career opens doors to innovation and impact. With the advent of digital health solutions, professionals are finding new pathways to leverage their expertise. Platforms like northshoreconnect exemplify this convergence, bridging medical expertise with technological advancements for enhanced patient care. Through retraining and upskilling, individuals can navigate this dynamic landscape, contributing to the development of cutting-edge healthcare technologies that improve access, efficiency, and outcomes for patients worldwide.

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Embarking on the journey from medicine to a tech career opens a realm of possibilities where healthcare and technology intersect. As professionals navigate this transition, they discover innovative avenues where their medical expertise synergizes with technological advancements. From developing cutting-edge healthcare apps to revolutionizing the supply chain for medical supplies, this path showcases the transformative potential of merging medical knowledge with tech skills. The convergence of medicine and technology holds the key to enhancing patient care and streamlining the distribution of vital medical supplies.