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Can Empathy Make You A Better Coder?

What role does empathy play in achieving coding excellence? Share examples and insights on the importance of empathy in coding.

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I believe that empathy can help make you a better coder.

I'm new to coding, but I have come to realize the amount of accessibility options across websites and apps that have become available within recent years, to help those who need it. With empathy, it helps coders step into another person's point of view; to help us see what may help others navigate those services, and improve upon or add more accessibility options. In turn, we may also gain new insight and come up with new, exciting, creative ways of improving general user experiences.

I think :)

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well I think it can because might be any other is encountering an error you have faced in your life, but helping the other person as empathy make you able to solve that kind of errors

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Absolutely. I think the real question is "How can empathy make you a better coder?"