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Any sober devs on here?: CodeNewbie Podcast

Brian Jenney, Senior Software Engineering Manager at Clorox, came on the podcast yesterday to discuss his path towards sobriety, your best self, and confident leadership.

On the podcast, Brian was vulnerable with us about his journey to sobriety and how this journey has into shaped a really positive relationship to engineering.

He shared:

“On this side [of sobriety] is me feeling great.

I’m getting up.

I’m feeling like I got tons of time.

I enjoy movies now.

I’m writing code.

I feel proud about myself.

So the feeling of pride is what kept me going.

I thought, "I need more of this."

Listening to this episode was, we hope, life-affirming to all those struggling with addiction right now. At DEV, we are unsure that we have engaged much with our sober community yet on this platform, but we know y'all are here! We would love the opportunity to have y'all meet each other in the comment section (if you want) so we can celebrate you.

Our question for y'all today is:

How has sobriety positively influenced your coding practice?

Also, ICYMI— find that episode below or wherever you get your podcasts:

Send us your thoughts below and don't forget to give it a listen here or wherever you listen to your podcasts! 💜

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xanwtf profile image

I find myself waking up with an insane amount of energy at 5am every day now, and I sleep better than I ever have. Being well rested helps with problem solving.

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Rachel Fazio

Yes!! Love to hear it.