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S19:E5 - What are some common mistakes people make when learning to code (Ceora Ford)

In this episode, we talk about some very common relatable mistakes when you learn to code with Ceora Ford, developer advocate at Apollo GraphQL. Ceora talks about 5 major mistakes she learned in her first year learning to code, how to avoid them, and some new mistakes she’s encountered in her second year of coding.

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Ceora Ford

Ceora Ford is a developer advocate based in Philadelphia. Her career thus far has centered around creating educational content focused on making the tech industry more accessible to everyone. She specializes in making abstract computer science topics understandable for everyone, students, new developers, or people on engineering adjacent teams. She's worked with companies like CodeSandbox, DigitalOcean,, and Apollo GraphQL, helping them craft great content and make their platforms and products better for all users.

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