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S18:E6 - How you can use music to learn code (Sam Aaron)

In this episode, we talk about how you can use music to learn code with Sam Aaron, creator and CEO of Sonic Pi. Sam talks about how programming basic games on calculators helped him learn to code, developing a passion for combining music and code, and creating Sonic Pi.

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Sam Aaron

Sam Aaron is a live coder who, through considering programming as performance, focusses on enhancing the productivity and power of modern programming languages and environments. Sam believes that a programming environment which has sufficient liveness, rapid feedback and tolerance of failure to support the live performance of music is an environment ripe for mining novel ideas that will not only benefit artistic practices themselves but also the computer industry and education more generally. In pursuit of this unique perspective Sam has created Sonic Pi, a free live coding environment designed to large both the needs of education and professional musicians.

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