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re: Why I hate coding challenges in the hiring process VIEW POST

re: I'm reading "I don't think coding challenges work, therefore the fact they work for you must be an unusual circumstance." No, apparently I haven'...

Ah, I understand now.

I still can't believe we're so unusual that our hiring practices couldn't possibly work elsewhere. I'm able to determine the skill level of applicants with the coding challenge, and that has proved accurate. It could be made more restrictive, or more tied to a particular language or domain, without taking additional time from either party.

In any case, 20 minutes of me (the hiring manager) reviewing the coding challenge gives me a fairly accurate snapshot of the applicant's present skill, and that always either saves me a final interview (2 hours saved) or advises the final interview, making it far more reliably insightful.

So from the perspective of companies, this translates to: "students vetted and 'formed' by MousePawMedia are low-risk, capable employees".

Ah, yes, that is indeed what I'm hoping our company represents to employers, especially in terms of the letters of recommendation we provide to program graduates. It's a win-win for our internship graduates and their future empoyers.

So maybe it makes sense for you to form relationships with the industry as well. You more or less offer a service that circumvents the very problem I am reporting here. And that service has a value you might be able to capitalize on without selling your ideals and while still fulfilling your main goals.

Ahh, I understand you now! Thank you for that. I would need like to form stronger connections between MousePaw Media and the industry.

That said, I'd still understand the need for vetting, such as how we do it, even for our own internship graduates applying elsewhere. Someone may be fluent in (say) C++ and algorithms, but that doesn't mean they're good at (say) API testing in Python. In my mind, half the beauty of a coding challenge such as I describe is "are you a good fit for this particular role?"

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