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I don't know that I have a formula. I just try to find a short, memorable title.

I especially try to find a title that feels like it could be a Thing in and of itself; that is, a title that lends itself to being cited in conversation:

  • The Cranky Developer's Manifesto
  • You're Doing It Wrong™
  • Your Project Isn't Done Yet
  • Anatomy of a Bad Idea
  • Clean, DRY, SOLID Spaghetti

There's also the titles that suggest an action or challenge:

  • Please Reinvent the Wheel
  • To Comment Or Not To Comment?
  • Please Don't Answer This Question

That said, I try to avoid cliches and clickbait when possible. There are rare exceptions wherein I'll write a list:

  • 10 Principles of a Good Code Review
  • 4 Communities Every Coder Should Join

I also like when I come up with a title that feels like a book title:

  • The Curse of the IDE
  • The Dark Side of the Magic
  • Retraction of an Obituary

I don't have any way of tracking click-throughs here on DEV, but if the view counts on my articles are any indicator, these titles are working pretty well.

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