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re: Honestly, I think that most people are missing the real issue which is financial. And I apologize for the blow out but this topic really frustrates...

I think I agree with what I'm seeing of your point here.

Of course, the "financial"/traditional business sector has had relatively little to no bearing on FOSS over the past twenty+ years, so if it were primarily financial, these problems wouldn't be creeping into little indie dev-run projects too.

I know I've recommended it elsewhere in the thread, but check out "Dreaming in Code" by Scott Rosenberg. It speaks a lot to the hiccups in software development over the years, both in FOSS and proprietary sectors.


I assume you this is the book. Looks interesting but since I've read both The DEVOPS handbook and The Phoenix project I would like to ask you if you still recommend it and what would be different with these books. That is of course if you've read any of them. If you haven't, then they are a must.

I have read neither, but at a glance (yay Amazon) I can tell you that this isn't even remotely similar. Dreaming in Code isn't a technical book; it is a first-hand account of an actual FOSS project, from its inception to its first stable release, and all of the ups and downs along the way. Rosenberg also takes time to explain the history behind the various project management phenomenons the project experienced. In many ways, it reads more like a story than anything.

In short, I definitely still recommend it.

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