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Discussion on: Why the heck is everyone talking about WebAssembly?

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Alexis Rios

Companies tried to kill Javascript years ago, with plug-ins, applets, activeX, but they affected battery life on mobile devices and raised security concerns, so the industry moved back and revived JavaScript.

JavaScript recently has become a big mess with so many frameworks and incompatibility so, it looks like WebAssembly is the new thing, supported by all major modern browsers, to write code not using JavaScript. Currently you have to write code in TypeScript or something else that gets transpiled to plain old JavaScript, so it would be great to write in any other language of choice and deploy your app to the cloud.

Microsoft for example provides the open source Blazor, that also looks promising, using C# or any other .NET Core language.

Will see if it gets adopted by the industry. Will be great to have native compiled code running on the browser and move away once and for all from JavaScript