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Been programming for 20+ years, I've seen frameworks just die and you're left with a pile of out dated and poorly supported code.

1 thing has not vanished, and it is w3c/web standards.In just a few more years react and angular will be bad legacy ideas


Plenty of web standards are abandoned and lost to time. Just look at the history of http headers.


Yes and sadly so many god ones :(



And if we build frameworks let build them so that they are built around w3c standards!


Yeah and there are more frameworks :)


@Joey D. - Not a good example, but i think i see your point, you can say that http header spec went through some kind of change, but that change is still confined to a "path" in a well-defined and stable HTTP Architecture. An Open-Closed design allowed the evolution of http headers without breaking the overall architecture.

What we have today in UI are companies partitioning the once simple idea of making a page into proprietary ways to make a webpage, ignoring the spec body and producing their own, which is not all necessary (VDOM) and is actually quite profitable for companies like [name here and here] to increase revenue along just another venue by way of "talks" and shows, and events, video, training and popularity.

Hey, you have all the right to innovate.


You couldn't be further from the truth my friend


Sorry, who?

and what truth?

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