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Why did you start coding? What were the changes that you saw in your life because of coding?

I have been asked this question by many people. So finally decided to write a post about it :p 

When I was in first year of my engineering, I used to see lot of boys who used to code up cool stuffs. Some people even had their own startups. Well, at first didn't used to pay attention to what they did, but as you know you can't resist good things for a longer time. 

I started learning C, C++ after that because I came from a non-CS background before engineering and I didn't even know the basics. After 2nd year, I did internship in image processing using python and OpenCV. That's when I really entered the tech world because my internship made me keen to explore various python libraries . Just imagine creating 100s of filters for a pic, extracting page numbers from a pic of 2 pages, identifying objects, tracking particular objects in video, making small games, creating your own mini paint application, writing scripts to automate the process of downloading youtube videos at night when u no longer use the mobile data, to automate the process of changing wallpapers daily on your desktop, playing with the text to speech conversion scripts ,so on… The list is never ending.
And guess who did all that ?

If you are guessing it's me, then you are absolutely right :D . For many developers out there,it might be nothing but for a girl who didn't even know the basics of coding,it's a pretty big deal😎.Then I started solving DSA problems on hackerrank and geeksforgeeks which gave me more confidence. I admit that solving them was not easy but I had google and youtube to my rescue always. By then I had also learnt the basics of html,css,Javascript which helped me in creating some more projects. Then I learnt flutter and started coding up apps .I get very happy even today when I see the apps which I have made. I can say that I can create basic to medium sized apps all by myself without taking help from others😃(obviously stackoverflow,youtube,google to be excluded). That's why I love flutter :D 

Seeing the things which you have created gives you high level of satisfaction. It's not that easy to code because you will get stuck in errors many times but you just need to be consistent and google enough until you can solve the error:p Thus this teaches you to be patient enough. Once you have learnt the basics, you always feel motivated to learn more and explore on your own.You can always feel the high level of satisfaction and happiness at the end of the day after a fruitful day of coding. And that's the best thing you can ever feel . And yes, it adds a lot to your resume.

So the change in my life is that I have started living a happy life compared to the normal boring life before. The friend circle which I have developed has also changed .They motivate me to learn more and more. I feel confident enough to solve problems on my own without getting stresssed. So if you needed a sign to get out of normal life and start coding…THIS IS IT.

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thefluxapex profile image
Ian Pride

I started coding because 20+ years ago because I was the only person I knew with a computer so no one could help me with my problems/maintenance and back then there was no such thing as a public friendly tech community and ALL software was bloatware and so overpriced that only the middle class or rich could afford it. And I'm from the hood so I couldn't afford it and wasn't having none of that scam. After countless talk downs from pretensious CS grads on forums I eventually ran into a guy that said if I didn't want to pay the prices then I should learn to do it myself... And so I did. It changed my life in many ways, helped me learn how to plan and organize in life in general and it helped me learn how to better maintain my machines/devices and helped me not depend on others for the maintenence and security of my machines. It helped me be less fearful of technology. It helped me learn how to research. It has helped me with so much in my life... and I rarely have ever made a cent from it and wouldn't love it if I had to.

codeitout_ profile image

That's awesome :D

zerotechit profile image
Md Nasiruddin Ahmed

Hi there. I am Founder and CEO of Zerotechit. I am a Digital Marketer in Bangladesh.
When I started coding I found that the coding mentality and the real-life mentality are so different to cope up with it.
In coding, you need to take care of every smallest thing. But in real life, you don't. Which tries to push you down all the time. But when you become hardworking and start taking care of each and everything in your life it feels like you can't and you don't need to see or know everything which is happening every time in front of you.

morganjohnstone87 profile image
Morgan Johnstone

Back in 2007 when I first heard about HTML I was fascinated. I would stay up nights and write and learn. I started learning because a person I'd met said he had created his own social network. (He did not, it was PHPfox.)

Anyway, I've been playing with HTML and CSS for all these years and have just now started on JavaScript. Learning to code has helped me to think more critically.

codeitout_ profile image

Never stop learning :D

raphael_jambalos profile image
Raphael Jambalos

Hi Namita! I'm happy for you that you are able to do all of those things. I agree with you that solving harder and harder problems is really a great way to boost confidence. Friends can flatter you but seeing the results of your work in action, that can never lie.

I started coding when I was in 3yr year high school. I became quite good at it that I started making the homework of my classmates. I can't imagine my life without code anymore. I discovered programming quite late in high school. In my 2nd yr of college, I decided to take up some units in computer science. I ended up taking 10 courses in computer science and that helped me land an internship. The rest they say is history.

codeitout_ profile image

I agree with you.
once you have got the taste of coding...there's no going back

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