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Converting ".ipynb" Files to Other File Format

I love using Jupyter Notebook especially when I'm learning something new with Python. Aside from using it with Pandas, it allows me to quickly document my learnings, whereas I can take notes and write and run codes in the same file. There are times I publish these notes into blogs, so I have to convert these .ipynb files into .md files, and it is a real hassle to transfer them into another file line-by-line. So, I got curious and searched for a Python module for converting .ipynb files into other file types, and lucky there is a module for this job. It is called nbconvert module and if you don't know about this yet, here's a quick guide to using it.

Install Jupyter nbconvert (if you haven't already):

You can install nbconvert using pip:

pip install nbconvert
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Convert .ipynb to .md:

You can convert a .ipynb file to .md using the following command in your terminal or command prompt:

jupyter nbconvert --to markdown your_notebook.ipynb
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Replace your_notebook.ipynb with the actual name of your Jupyter Notebook file. This command will create a Markdown file with the same name as your notebook but with the .md extension.

Converting to other formats:

The nbconvert library supports converting Jupyter Notebooks to various formats, including HTML, PDF, LaTeX, and more. To convert to a different format, replace --to markdown with the format of your choice. For example:

HTML: --to html
PDF: --to pdf
LaTeX: --to latex
You can specify the output file name using the --output option, followed by the desired file name and extension.

Here's an example command to convert a .ipynb file to HTML:

jupyter nbconvert --to html your_notebook.ipynb
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These commands will generate the respective output files in the same directory as your Jupyter Notebook. And that's how you can easily convert a .ipynb file into another file format.

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